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The Good Shepherd

Today we hear about Jesus the good Shepherd. We also hear one last time from our Seminarian Ethan who is leaving us to head to his summer internship.

Throw your Nets

Today we hear about Jesus telling the disciples to throw their nets on the other side of the boat. We delve into our personal lives and wonder about how our nets are being thrown in our lives and whether or not we should be throwing them elsewhere.

Second Sunday of EAster

Today we hear about doubting Thomas. We wrestle with our understandings of doubt and faith. Is there room in faith for doubt and questioning?

Easter Sunday

Join us as we hear about the Resurrection of Christ and delve into the valley of the dry bones. Can these bones live we ask? Yes, yes they can. Alleluia!

Sermon Palm Sunday

On this palm and Passion Sunday we examine what Jesus death on the cross really means for us and how his life giving act of forgiveness remind us of God's love.

Lutheran Basics

Today we go back to basics and talk about what is at the core of Lutheran Theology and how that message is truly life changing.