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Mary, Martha, and the Moon

Today we look at the famliar story of Mary and Martha. What does it mean to sit at the feet of Jesus and listen? What does it mean to go out and work in the world? What does all this have to do with the moon landing? Find out in this sermon!

Go and Do Likewise

In today's sermon we hear the famliar story of the good samartain. We look at the question of who is our neighbor and how that can often be a roadblock or an excuse not to help. We look at the crisis on our southern border and how those seekign asylum are also our neighbor.

The kingdom has come near

Today we explore what it means that the Kingdom of God draws near to both those who accept and don't accept us. What is the Kingdom of God? How is it breaking into our world?

Put your hand to the plow

Today we delve into what it means to put our hand to the plow and not look back. Is not Jesus being to harsh here? How can we know when it is a time to power through a problem?

Sermon: The Difficult Things

Today we talk about the difficult things in life. The really difficult things. The things we hide from others for fear of judgement or ridicule. What would our church look like if it was a place where we could share our deepset struggles openly?

Second Trinity Sunday

Today we hear about the Holy Trinity and why it his so hard to understand. We also delve into how our understanding of the Trinity can help us understand our suffering in the world.