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What do baptism and football have in common? What are people seeking in today’s world? How can the church proclaim a message that desperately needs to be heard?

It’s Been 90 Years

It is Redemption’s 90th Anniversary and one of our own, Pastor Bruce Davidson, returned to preach a rousing sermon. Not only was it our 90th anniversary of ministry but also Epiphany Sunday. Pastor Davidson helps weave these two things together and lift up how God still breaks into our lives in ways that are particularly meaningful to us.

Christmas Day

On the day of Christ’s Birth we take a deeper look at exactly the world Christ was born into. Have we become desensitized to the story of Christ’s birth? Is there something we’ve been missing?

What Must We Do

Today we hear some of the first words of John the Baptist crying out in the wilderness. The people want to know what must they do to avoid the unquenchable fire? John gives them an answer. Please excuse Pastor’s coughing fit close to the end of the sermon.

What to Do when the World Seems to be Ending

This Sunday we again are looking at an apocalyptic text. Today we delve into what happens when a community seems like its world is ending, and how we as a church can learn from that.

Christ the King Sunday

Here we talk about Christ’s reign on earth. We delve into what it means to have Christ be the authority in our lives and why Christ the King Sunday was founded in the first place.