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repent the end is near

Today, Pastor Joey is in frame. We begin today talking about repentance and the end of the world. We talk about how in this season of Lent repentance is important as we work our way to the cross. We talk about what repentance actually means, and how we can dwell more fully in that.

cross my heart, hope to die

First we apologize for the camera angle, the pastor is still getting used to the new equipment. You can however hear the message about what God does to show God’s commitment to us. We also delve into who are the enemies of Christ.

Sermon The Temptation of Christ

This morning we hear from our Seminarian, Ethan Doan. He delves into what tempts us in this world. He also brings up the nature of Christ and how the Devil tempted Christ. We are reminded in the end that we are called to resist temptation and to live out our call to serve others.

Sermon: Transfiguration of Our Lord

Pastor Karen Sease, Director of Alumni Relations and Major Gift Officer for United Lutheran Seminary, offers us a new look at the Transfiguration. She reminds us that we must always find our people on this journey of ministry and life.

Turn the Other Cheek

What does it mean to turn the other cheek? To go the extra mile? To love your enemy? These phrases have often been misunderstood in the Christian tradition and today we explore what Jesus really means.

A Sermon on a Sermon

Pastor Joey may have been at St. David’s but his sermon is here! Today we discuss the beatitudes and Jesus sermon on the plain. What does it tell us about where we will find Christ?